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Suffolk's Gentle Giants

The Suffolk Punch is a heavy horse with its history tied to the English county of Suffolk and the area of East Anglia, even being recognised as the oldest heavy horse breed. This giant horse breed is disappearing from our countryside and is considered a priority breed by the Rare Breed Survival Trust along side other British native breeds. Once a very common site, used for farming and pulling carts all over east Anglia and other parts of England, there are now less than 500 registered Suffolk Punches today, making them rarer than the Giant Panda. They lost popularity after steam powered machinery was introduced and replaced them due to efficiency, with only 9 foal registered in 1966. This year there was 32 born, 16 colts (male) and 16 fillies (female) which is great news for this ancient and majestic breed.

I was lucky enough to photograph these beautiful giants this year and so glad i can now share this project with others.

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